Aug 2021 Food and Wine Magazine       Resist the Urge to eat this jewelry


The Food Network



2016     The New York Times       Think Cool Thoughts at Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn

2013     Time Out NY    Daddy's Handmade Treasures

2013.    The Brooklyn Paper  Candy Coated Couture: Greenpoint Jeweler crafts  wares from fruit, candy  

2013     Time Out NY   Holiday Craft Fairs

2010.    Eye Witness News Channel 7 Winters Eve  Lincoln Square Glitterlimes  Xmas Tree  

2008    The Houston Cronicle  Try Wearing the Fruit of her labor  

Brooklyn Ink's Glitterlimes Documentary   See here or below


by Niki Blasina  Glitterlimes Documentary

The Montclair Pop Up Review Hot From the Kettle 


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