RISD Spring sale was a blast! Chicago next, and Chelsea Market this summer!

Hi there! 

Glitterlimes kicked off a lovely Spring at the Williamsburg, Brooklyn location of Artists & Fleas in April.

Then, off to Providence we went, for the RISD Alumni Sale last weekend.  It was a sunny summery day with great dogs out and about.

If you are in Chicago, come out to McCormick Place May 19 thru May 21 for the Sweets and Snacks Expo.


We will be in the main concourse which is accessible to the public!  Come visit!

And for all of you in New York…. we are proud to announce that we will be at ARTIST & FLEAS in Chelsea Market from

June 8 - July 5, and July 20 - August 2  every day from 10 -9pm


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