Glitterlimes feature in Food and Wine this month

Glitterlimes's feature in Food and Wine this month.  So much excitement for...

Resist the Urge to Eat This Jewelry 

Dragon Fruit and Strawberry Necklaces

Debbie Tuch has mastered the craft of slivering, drying, and preserving real fruit slices while preserving their inherent appeal, and even enhances the razzle-dazzle with a layer of glitter-flecked resin. The dragon fruit packs plenty of raw rawwwr, and the strawberry sliver is somehow made extra-luscious, but feel free to venture into Glitterlimes' sparkled blood orange, persimmons, signature limes and beyond. (

by Kat Kinsman


Did you get your copy? Let us know below! Glitterilmes has been featured in Food and Wine Magazine along with other food themed jewelry.  Its a must see!

See you online,

Debbie Glitterlimes

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