Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to the new Glitterlimes website.

After 17 years, we thought it was time to give glitterlimes.com a fresh makeover.  We are excited to send out coupons and update you with all the fun adventures we go on.

 I am writing to you from Paonia, Colorado, where  we are having multiple Glitterlimes parties!  Paonia is known for it's lush gardens of fruits and vegetables.  It's even known as the Banana Belt of Colorado.  I've had a blast hanging out and working out of a great friends clothing studio called Elisabethan.com.  Beth makes clothing out of recycled fabrics.

Yesterday, Bill the UPS man, came in quietly to give the 3 of us a old time country concert he's been working on.  What a treat!  He then finished up with some of his own gems, and then left.

This weekend launches a plethora of parties, festivals, and beer crawls to celebrate the harvest time. 


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